With the temperature skyrocketing at an alarming rate, especially in the suburbs, medical experts and local residents share valuable advice on how to cope with the conditions. 


With the mercury levels rising, suburban areas like Kandivali and Borivali are beginning to feel like a furnace. Staying healthy and fit during this time has become a concern for everyone. To achieve this, keeping your body fueled with the right foods is important.

“During summer, the temperatures are at their peak and lead to various health problems like dehydration, skin sensitivity, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. To combat these, one must be careful about what they eat and should modify their food habits. One must also safeguard themselves from heat strokes that can affect even those who are healthy.” 



Dehydration is very common during summer. As one tends to sweat more, the body doesn’t receive the amount of water it needs. It’s one of the factors that contributes to various health issues. This is why experts suggest consuming plenty of water, seasonal fruits, green vegetables, and local herbs as they help in maintaining the required hydration levels.

“One should be able to identify a few key symptoms of dehydration such as dry, irritated, inflamed, itchy, or sensitive skin. Headache, dizziness or fatigue are other key signs. The moment you experience any one of these symptoms, you must drink plenty of liquids including water. You can also consume other healthy drinks such as bel, nimbu paani, kokum sherbet, and sattu or coconut water.”



One should consume coconut water and drinks made from cucumber, radish, carrot, green leafy vegetables, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables which contain a large percentage of water.

“It is important for everyone to take care of their body and keep it cool and nourished during this time. One should eat fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamins and fiber. Normally, most of us tend to overcook vegetables without realizing that this results in loss of water and essential nutrients.”

Mumbaikars love mangoes and summer is the season to savor them. “Aamras and kairi panna are just some of the more popular drinks that you will find in most Maharashtrian households here. While everyone loves mangoes, be sure to soak them in water for about 30 minutes before consuming them. This is because they are known to raise your body temperature.”



In this weather, our body craves cooling, hydrating, and light food. Most people also don’t want to spend too much time laboring in the kitchen due to the heat. A few simple and easy recipes are curd rice, lemon rice, dahi chaat, kakdi koshimbir, sol kadhi, beetroot chickpea salad, etc. Salads are also a good option as long as they are made from fresh ingredients.  Prepare porridge which is made of jowar, barley, ragi, millet, and vegetables, which makes it nutritious, easy to digest and tasty.


FOODS TO AVOID:- With the temperature consistently rising, one should try to avoid spicy food. Also, most of the curry-based dishes are made with excess oil and different kinds of spices which can lead to an upset stomach. This weather is also known to increase gastrointestinal diseases.

All sugary beverages such as aerated drinks, soda, sherbets, and packaged juices contain calories and are a common cause of weight gain and diabetes, and should be avoided.

By consuming seasonal and cooling foods, residents of Kandivali and Borivali can nourish and hydrate themselves in the sweltering heat.

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