A simple life is a happy life. Do happy people live their lives differently? No, they don’t have different lives. They do a better job of living their lives to its fullest. 


People who love life have bad days, too. It’s just that they constructively respond to them. Do you have a positive outlook, or do you expect the worst? Do you have the confidence to act, or do you take forever to decide? If you want to be a happier person, watch out for these bad habits people who truly love life avoid. 


  1. Life is not perfect:-  Your outlook determines your happiness more than your situation. Don’t get upset when you have a bad day. They provide you the context you need to appreciate the good ones.
  2.  Relationships that aren’t meant to be:- Your social environment makes a big impact on your mood. Don’t stay in relationships with people who bully you. Good friends will challenge you to be better, but without criticizing  you. 
  3. They don’t believe in time travel:-  Your past cannot control you. Don’t waste time regretting things you would have done differently last week or month or year. Concentrate on what you can do make things better today. 
  4.  Not obsessed with things they can’t fix:-  Your present focus determines your future success. Don’t let yourself get miserable over a problem you cannot solve. Direct your attention to the issues you can address and forget the rest. 
  5. They don’t pursue comfort:-  Your fear of the unknown could be making you complacent. Don’t chase “quick” or “easy” fixes to problems that require complex solutions. The thing you are afraid to do is often the thing you need to do.
  6. Don’t make themselves feel small:-  Your thoughts should encourage you to put forth effort. Don’t insult yourself with words like fat, lazy, ugly, or unworthy. Empower yourself with affirmations that make you feel confident in life. 
  7. No comparisons:- Your transformation will take as long as it needs to take. Don’t draw comparisons. No one can promise you will lose 10 kgs in a week, meet your soul-mate in 100 days, or make Rs 1 lakh in your first month of business. 
  8. They don’t live in the past:- Your mind should be focused on the present moment. Don’t let past mistakes turn into a fear of failure that cripples your ability to act. 
  9. Don’t give up their power:-  Your self-confidence affects your ability to act. Don’t view yourself as a damsel in distress or helpless victim who needs to be saved. You are responsible for your outcome. 



  • Your patience muscles need to be trained everyday. Don’t forget to pause and reflect. Consciously appreciate the little things that excite you, no matter how silly!
  •  Your opinion is the only one that counts. Don’t refuse feedback that might help you, but also accept that not everyone will understand you. You are the only person with the power to choose your destiny. 





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