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Five Unmissable Features To Watch Out For In A Portfolio Tracking Tool

Most angel groups and angel investors understand the importance of an effective investment tracking tool. Most deal flow takes place in a phase-wise manner and investors need a robust deal flow management system to keep a tab on it. 

 For angel investors, a deal flow represents unlimited investment opportunities, with each opportunity being a potential gem. The challenge lies in sifting through these options to shortlist the best funding option, which is likely to offer a good ROI and exit options.

 A reliable Stock Investment Tracker is the key to navigating these investing options. It expands the investor’s reach, providing access to a curated pipeline of startups for evaluation and selection.

 The following features are essential considerations for angel groups looking to enhance their deal flow management capabilities:

 Social Media Sharing

 Sharing startups that investors find interesting can be a valuable networking tool for investors. Using an appropriate investment platform allows users to share startups through links or social media platforms, which can help increase visibility and engagement, attracting potential investors and collaborators.

 It enhances connectivity, streamlines communication, and ultimately contributes to a more efficient and effective deal flow management process.

 Kanban Board View

 Imagine having a virtual whiteboard that visually represents the different stages of your deals. A Kanban board does exactly that in a portfolio tracking tool. It provides a simplified view that represents the progress of each deal through different stages, such as “Screening,” “Due Diligence,” and “Closed Deals.”

 The Kanban board allows users to easily drag and drop deals from one stage to another, providing a clear understanding of where each deal stands in the pipeline. It helps investors effortlessly move deals across stages, reflecting their progress in real-time. It’s like managing sticky notes on a physical board.

 Customizable Deal Stages

 Deal stages within angel groups can vary based on their unique investment criteria. Customizable Deal Stages provide the flexibility to tailor the deal flow process according to specific needs and preferences. Instead of adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach, angel groups can create stages that align with their investment criteria and overall investment goal.

 This flexibility allows for the design of deal stages that reflect the unique dynamics of the angel group. Whether preferring a structured progression from initial screening to due diligence or adopting a more fluid and adaptive approach, Customizable Deal Stages empower angel groups to set up the deal flow process exactly as they want it.

 Understanding Deal Origins

 Understanding the origin of a deal is crucial for investors. Deals may be sourced through networking events, pitch events organized by angel groups, or other channels. The concept of multiple startup pools helps classify startups based on their origin or source, providing better control and visibility.

 By knowing when and where a deal originated, investors gain valuable insights for the long term. This information helps determine the significance of the source in securing future deals. 

 This approach enables investors to make informed decisions, establish meaningful connections, and foster a more efficient deal flow process. 

 Mobile Accessibility

 Smartphone accessibility is a game-changer for investors who are constantly on the move. Mobile Accessibility in a stock investment tracker allows investors to conveniently screen startups, create watchlists, and even invest directly from their mobile devices. 

 Smartphone accessibility enables investors to create personalized watchlists of startups that catch their interest. They can track and monitor these startups, staying updated on their progress, news, and any changes in their investment potential.

 This capability ensures that investors stay connected to the latest investment opportunities wherever they are.

 Investing in deal flow management software with robust mobile accessibility features is a strategic move for angel groups. It aligns with the dynamic nature of the investment landscape, allowing investors to stay agile and responsive to emerging opportunities.

 In Conclusion

 Thus, deal flow management software streamlines the entire investment process, from organizing and evaluating deals to conducting due diligence and making informed decisions. Investors need an effective portfolio tracking tool that is not just user-friendly but also offers seamless integration with other essential tools and platforms that angel groups use or need.

 Besides the features mentioned above, an investment tracker also needs to offer additional functionalities like email integration, a live chat facility, 24*7 customer support, and full-proof data confidentiality.






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