All of you think that deaf people can’t compose poems, huh???? But I am the one to do it…. I make up my own poems from my deep thinking through my eyes and start writing…. I have a good flair for writing…

So everybody hears out my poems:-

1) Sweet Heavenly Home…

The sweet heavenly home is,
miles away from loved ones,
filled up with greenery pastures.
where birds and sparrows are singing,

A sweet heavenly home is made up of,
lots of love and love and love,
And yummy cooked food,
But where are my loved ones?

A sweet heavenly home is a place,
where you lie on your bed,
thinking of dreaming something big,
A place to relax, and be quiet,

A sweet heavenly home is the heart,
where you call your friends home,
for a sweet meal,
And to fill up their stomachs,
with yummy goodies…

And never ever to forget the sweet heavenly home,
where it is built,
on God’s love and peace…

2) Dance, Dance, and Dance all the way…

Dance, dance, dance all the way,
to jump in joy and sorrow too,
And to put up a brave smile,
So my dear, won’t you dance with me, huh?

Dance, dance in rain,
As it’s showering with blessings,
Dance with sheer happiness,
Dance with your mighty spirit,
Dance with your naughtiness,

But in the end, dance all the way,
is a sweet melody to the soul…

3) Feeling with my Eyes

Eyes are of the soul of the deaf,
Not ears, because it’s useless,
Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay…

So eyes can abstract music too,
and pick up the rhythm of music,
And eyes do have sharp sight,

Oh my — Eyes are sensitive,
Where does it get?
From the heavenly God,

So eyes are better and useful,
Than the ears,
To see and learn,
What is good,
What is wrong,
And to help,
And to share love,
And of course the eyes,
does hugging with happiness….
And with lots of laughter….

Hope you all like the poems…. Be happy with what you all have.


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