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Student-Friendly Areas to Find the Best Student Accommodation Portsmouth

Making a decision on where to live in Portsmouth as a student can be difficult, especially if you’re divided between the city’s vibrant lifestyle and the serenity of the Solent right outside your door. Portsmouth, affectionately known as “Pompey,” is the second-largest city in the county and a significant seaside destination in the area. The task can seem incredibly demanding because there are so many things to think about in addition to the pressures of actually moving. In this article, Student Accommodation Portsmouth we will give you a better grasp of Portsmouth’s top locations in this article. Having a thorough picture of what life is like in Portsmouth will unquestionably aid in your decision to move.

Student Apartments Portsmouth

Best neighbourhoods in Portsmouth for students

Living in a city like Portsmouth implies that you will not only have the option to stay in affordable student housing in Portsmouth, but you will also be surrounded by some prestigious universities such as:

  • University of Portsmouth
  • International College Portsmouth (ICP)
  • Highbury College
  • University of Portsmouth Business School, Portsmouth

Gunwharf Quays

Gunwharf Quays would be your preferred spot to live in Portsmouth, UK, for students if you appreciate the bustle of the city and the happening activities all around you. This neighbourhood will always meet your demands because it is close to pubs, restaurants, and cafés. Due to the neighbourhood’s high congestion and higher price point for student housing, the majority of the homes in this area are flats. But if you are successful in getting a scholarship to study in the UK, Gunwharf Quays will make it simpler for you to manage your money. This location is close to the University of Portsmouth’s main campus and the lively Bridge Tavern, which is one of the most popular hangouts for students and one of the greatest places to live in Portsmouth.


One of the most well-liked and, in fact, among the nicest neighbourhoods in Portsmouth for students to live in is Southsea. Southsea, which is part of Portsea Island, is not far from the stunning vistas of the Isle of Wight and is only a short distance from the beach. The majority of the Student Accommodation Portsmouth options in this neighbourhood are accessible to the main university campus and all are extremely reasonably priced. Southsea is one of many elegant and upscale high-tea establishments found throughout the UK. On weekends, you can go on shopping excursions in the nearby main city centre and stop for impromptu tea breaks whenever you like.


Many students still prefer to choose their residence in Fratton even though it is not as close to the university’s main campus as the other regions because they view it as one of the greatest locations with housing alternatives for students in Portsmouth. This is due to the fact that many students like seeing the neighborhood’s many Victorian-style terraced homes. Additionally, the area has great and convenient transport options, whether you’re looking for buses or trains. You can easily go about the neighbourhood for a reasonable fee by using the local train from Fratton, which is close to Cascade Shopping Centre, where you can get anything you could ever want.

Old Portsmouth

Old Portsmouth is for students who are searching for a break from the busy city life. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful and greatest neighbourhoods in Portsmouth with a taste of the old streets circling this spot. Here are some outstanding buildings in Portsmouth where you can find premium student housing, which may be more expensive. However, it is ideally located for any student because it is so close to the centre and the main campus. Visit these neighbouring locations if you’re seeking a peaceful and serene evening:

  • The Wellington
  • The Bridge Tavern
  • The Still and West


Students consider affordability to be a key factor when selecting their housing, which is why Buckland is a popular choice. You can typically find terraced houses with the occasional semi-detached house in this neighbourhood, which is one of the greatest spots for students in Portsmouth in terms of affordable housing. The Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum is not far from here for those of you who prefer museum excursions. Although many individuals travel into the centre for a livelier night, Morrisons and McDonald’s are the preferred dining options for students in this area. 


Copnor, which is located to the north of Portsea Island and is home to numerous parks, is quite popular with students. Houses are less expensive due to the distance from the university campus and the major city core, which is convenient for students who don’t mind a little bit of commuting. Here are a few of the notable parks in and around the area:

  • Moneyfields Park
  • The Great Salterns Recreation Ground
  • Ocean Retail Park

If you’re lucky, you’ll discover them right outside your front door. You can also browse the stores, markets, and basic home furnishings contained in these parks.

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