The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul,

The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul

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Before our trip to Istanbul, my son told me a great deal about The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, from what I heard and red, I was very interested to visit The Basilica Cistern. So, on our second day and very early in the morning we beat the crowd, we were one of the early bird inside there. It was only a few steps from our hotel and cross street from Aya Sophia.

It is a giant water storage reserve underground we took several steps to go down. The Basilica completed during the year of 565 during the Roman period.

As you see from the photos the Basilica’s roof supported by to many beautiful columns (336). Most famous column there was the head of the Medusa with her snake’s hair upside down in the far left corner of the entrance.

I was wondering about how is the Basilica looks great after more than 1400 years, then I learn the place went through several renovation,

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