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The Camera in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

For years, I carry 2 IPhone, one for personal use and the other for business. One day, we were out celebrating one of our coworker who was leaving our company in New York to another one in Florida. My Friend took several photo using their Samsung Galaxy phone and I took some using my Iphone. I never compare my Iphone to anything before but the different in the photo was a shocker for me. I asked another friend who loved his Iphone more than anything to take my phone and try. He tried several photos then he handed me my phone back and whispered “We lost this one”. I believe we did, just by looking on both photos you can see the different was huge.

The time has come for the work’s phone upgrade, without hesitation I choose the new comer, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which I received last Friday.

I am just like anyone else who likes the new toys, I received my new phone, unwrap it and run outside to try it out. I took the phone to walk around the building and take some random photo. I like to share this photo with you to show you how great the picture was without any preparation only point and shoot.

Now, I carry Samsung and Iphone instead of 2 Iphone, I am sure if anyone out there who care about the camera part of his phone to look at my photo and see the different.

I usually travel with my heavy camera and lenses all around now I have a very nice portable camera in my pocket at all time for nice quick shots.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

I have a very long time I never use an Android phone so I am struggling with everything which is normal in the beginning. Give you example, when I try to get my photo from my phone,  I connected the phone to my PC but the phone never shows on the Devices and Drives area on This PC for my computer. Google it, looked around all over but finally I find it after I change the USB choice from charging to transfer media and file, it was simple but not for first timer.

More to come about my new experience with my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Android.

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