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Perkins Memorial

Bear Mountain New York
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Perkins Memorial at Bear Mountain, New York

At the end of the summer I took my son to visited Bear Mountain State Park which is located on the west side of the Hudson River in Rockland County, New York

The main reason we visited the Bear Mountain was to watch the foliage and enjoy the view. For our big surprise the foliage was not even 10% so the color was not there at the same time last year when we went to upstate New York it was almost 70 to 80%. Every year is different. The great thing about our visit it was our driving all the way to the top and enjoy the day at Perkins Memorial area which located on the top of the Bear Mountain.

The view from the top of the Bear Mountain at Perkins Memorial was awesome. You can see the view of Bear Mountain Bridge, the view of the Hudson River, the mountain and the surrounding neighbor.

The Great surprise for us to learn that we have such great view areas such this one within one hour drive from us.
We visited the tower of Perkins Memorial which located on the top of the area. From this tower you can enjoy 360 degree view of the Hudson river, the mountain and the city (the day was fogy so the view for city was not clear, you can see it only in very clear day because the distance is very far)
The trails in the area is marked which make it easy for hiking and discover different areas to watch different view for the River and the Mountain.
To climb the mountain driving to the top is easy and fun through 2 way narrow road. The return was more memorable because we drove through the scenic road and we were able to see outstanding view for Bear Mountain Bridge, Hudson River and different busy roads.
We arrived home looking forward to another trip to the same area. The trip was great for many reasons:

  • It is great opportunity to discover New York where we live
  • Driving around the Mountain on summer day was fun
  • Great area for hiking and picnic so, it was fun to walk and exercise.
  • Outstanding views from the top of the mountain from any are you go.
  • The best of all, it was free just like the most of the state parks in the county.

Looking forward for the next summer when we spent more time.



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