Why you do not need to drive Honda any more

Why you do not need to drive Honda any more


My last 2 cars were a Toyota Highlander for the last 6 years; through this years, I do not have any problem of course except the wear and tear. I was a very satisfied Toyota customer because it was great experience.

After my kids grow up and moved out, I decided to downgrade to a smaller car so I went for Honda Accord.  In the past, long time ago, I own and experienced Honda Civic I had a good experience with Honda.

In the mid Jun 2016, I visited Honda Dealer and leased a Honda Accord. From my latest experience with Honda, I like to let everyone know, why you must think very well before you buy Honda and you need to think a million time before you visit Honda dealer. Honda isn’t as outstanding as it used to be, I do not know what happen.

 On Sunday Sep 4th ,  My wife and I went to start the car but my remote did not work, I called my insurance, they sent us a service company who opened the car to find out the battery is dead so they gave us a power jump and ask to run the car for at least 30 minutes which we did. After we lost the night we went back home because it was too late already.

On my next day off which Friday Sep 9th , I have an appointment at 12 PM, so I was heading to my car around 10 AM, the car was dead again. This time I decided to call Honda So, I called my dealer where I lease my car. New Rochelle Honda at 10:13 AM at 212 636 1160 and explained the situation and let them know that . Honda isn’t as outstanding as it used to be. She gave me Honda Roadside assistant 800 594 7400.

My first call to Honda’s 800 number as 10:15 AM, I spent with the agent around 20 munities to complete my case because she advised me to two the car to the nearest dealer to check the battery and the alternator to make sure both is OK. At the end, she advised me to wait for call from the dispatcher. I waited until 11 AM, I called back again when I did not receive any call back. They could not locate my record!!! So’ we have to repeat everything again. This time I received a text with the name of the two company (ROJO Towing) 917 655 5097 informing me ETA us 12:28. It is little more than hour but it is OK. I called at 12:47 PM, asking for update, he stated 10 to 15 more minutes. I called again at 1:08 PM asking him to keep on hold and call the driver and give me the exact time so I can go to the store for cold drink as the temperature was over 95. I place on hold for 7 minutes and he never pick up the phone again. I called the 800 number again and advise them with latest. I placed on hold and promised with another 10 – 15 minutes.

At 1:42 PM, I received another call from the Towing company apologize and informing me the tow truck will not be able to reach me before 60 more minutes which I refused.

At 1:44 I called the 800 again asking for better help, the agent who answer the phone was very angary from me and hang up immediately because I canceled because he must create a new case for me and I should wait for more time and no better answer for me.

I called a cap and went on with my life and left the car behind.

Now, I feel that New Rochelle Honda sold me a bad car. Since I received this car 5 month ago, I drove less than 2K miles, called for road assistant more than I called Toyota in the last 6 years (I never need to do so during this time). Each time you call Honda Roadside assistant was a nightmare because after that I believe that . Honda isn’t as outstanding as it used to be which open my eyes. It is only less than 2 months and 1400 miles and I went through this hell. What will  happen after a few month and few more thousands of miles. Do I will spend my weekend waiting for tow trucks and people lying to me and keep waiting next my care in extreme heat.

Before anything I diced to contact Honda so at 4:50 PM, I called 1800 999 1009 and speak to nice ladies, after few word from me she hang-up immediately.

It was too late, so, the second day I called my mechanic he arrived immediately, he used his charger to fully charge the battery of the car. For insurance, I followed him to the shop, he checked the car and I believe everything is OK.

I went back home to pick up my wife. When we arrived to the store, I left the first key in the car (left the car running as per the mechanic instruction “at least 30 munities to recharge the battery”).

Left the car in the front of the house, On Sunday Sep 19th, my wife went to use the car, it is dead again. Now, I have no time to take it anywhere where my job required 24/7 during UNGA. I do not know how I will start it and when I will be able to take it to the dealer.

During UNGA, I worked for full month without a day off, so I called Honda 800 to see if they can tow the car from the front of my house and fix it so my wife can use it if she like but to my surprise they informed me, the only way to fix this car to wait until I can take it by myself to the dealer.

When I went home, I called my cousin who gave boast to the car and followed me to the dealer (The car stopped as soon as we enter and they have to push it in.  They change the battery and informed me the car is OK. My cousin was extremely upset and he called Honda 1800 999 1009 and file a case on my behalf and asked if they can exchange this car for me. After a few days, they called, the call back was arrogant and short. You need to read your contract, “ In case if car trouble we will fix the car for you in the nearest dealer location:” then she hanged up even after I informed her the car is shaking during my stop in red light.

I have a Honda car that I am avoiding to drive and my wife will never drive. Now, I believe I am driving a Lemon not a brand new Honda !!!!!

Just make your homework before you buy or lease any car specially Honda because . Honda isn’t as outstanding as it used to be

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