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Nikon D750

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My first outing with my Nikon D750, it was pleasant experience

Last week I received my Nikon D750 with the 24 – 120 VR lens. This is my first full frame camera, so I was very happy when I received it even I ordered it a few days before my vacation but I missed it due to the late delivery, it was my fault for taking long time to make up my mind.D750

It was time for upgrade and it was a hard decision at the beginning. Just thinking about upgrade is a big challenge, first question was where I can go after my favor D7100, but the verdict was very easy after I read and learn about the Nikon D750. I feel owning such Camera moved me on the steps of the pro very fast with the same level of information I had which through the years from Nikon D70 then D700 and my latest D7100, by using what Nikon calls Enthusiast DSLR which is one step higher than entry level and one step below propriospinal DSLR, I am in love already with everything about it.

D750_2My first outing was an evening cruise to catch the sunset in the Hudson river in New York City. The camera was impressive with its 24MP Full-frame and finally the flip down screen (my friend own Sony with flip screen and I use to love it now, I am glad I have it in my new camera). The 51-Point Autofocus System which make you loaded with choices before every shot. At the end of the outing I was able to give my friend his own photos before we split with the Built in Wi-Fi after he downloaded the app, we both impressed how easy it was.

After owning this camera for short period and use it for the first few outing I can say that I am very pleased with it, the looks, weight, functionality and result. My only problem was the amount of noise with the higher ISO, I am sure I will work around that.

I understand that the Nikon D750 wins the camera of the year. Now after I own it for couple of weeks and use it for only few times, I can understand why.D750_3

If you are thinking about buying a camera or upgrade what you already have and you can afford it then I do not thing any other camera will be able to replace it. I just feel I landed a camera that will be with me for very long time I just have to upgrade my lenses so I can get the best of it.

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