Niagara Fall in February

Niagara falls – Photography in cold weather

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Niagara falls in the winter

Last February, I visited Niagara Falls. It was extremely cold and snows everywhere. I like to share with everyone in this blog the great time we have regardless this tuff weather.
First the city was ours, we choose the hotel of our choice and we were able to get a good bargain.
We were able to visit everywhere without standing in line. One days the snow was coming down very hard and we were the only people watching the view.

It was very cold. We kept our car running with high heat. We ran to car every few minutes to warm up our frozen finger regardless the heavy gloves.

It was great photo experience for me, I learn how to take phone at 30 degree below. Of course, I was able to collect the information I need in advance which helped me

  • The battery drains much faster in such weather, so you need several of them.
  • Everything freeze very fast so you must have to very warm gloves and nice camera bag to keep the camera and the battery warm and take it out only for after short times to take photo.
  • The snow and the moister is all over and you need to protect your camera by nice cover and make sure you have cover for your lines
  • I kept my car running close to me so I ran inside if I need to change the batter or the do anything else so I kept the camera dry all the time. I make sure that I stay in the back seat to avoid the fog on the lines
  • You must have several filters because the sun, the snow and the water get you light from every direction.
  • You can over expose or under expose very easy in such weather, the best thing you do get light measure spicily there are several of them for you iphone app.

It was such great experience because it was different. Everyone visit these areas in the summer of sprint, if I did visit it during this very cold time, it will be regular trip that have nothing memorable.

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