New York – The Big Apple

New York – The Big Apple

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New York – The Big Apple

It is home away from home for the last 35 years (more than half of my life). I traveled all over but New York is very special for me and for everyone who visited or looking forward to do so.

In this blog I would like to share some of the Big Apple history and some photo that I took during one of the boat ride around Manhattan Island.

Usually when we speak about New York, we mean New York City or Manhattan specifically but the fact is New York City is only part of New York State.

New York is very big state, with their over 8 million people it is considered the 4th most population in all the 50 states. It is one major state of the Tri-State area, which include New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as well.

New York City is the major area in New York state which considered extremely important for many aspect such as, the political international (United Nation), financially (Wall Street), it is the Financial Capital of the world, Commerce (Include most of the major world banks), culturally due to the large mix of nationality of the city residents (more than 40%) of total state resident, entertainment, media, fashion and too many other aspect.

New York City consists of 5 Boroughs which is Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island

As of the rest of United State, New York was occupied by the Native American until the French discovered it in the early 16th century, then in 1609 named New Netherland by the Dutch. In 1664 named New York by the English after Duke of York. In the 18th Century, New York become part of Thirteen Colonies and played a major part during the American Revolution.

New York was the Nation Capital sometimes in the 18th Century where the bill of Right drafted in Albany (New York Capital) in 1797.

In the 19th Century, New York was the main entry for million of European immigrant to Untied State at the famous Ellis Island.

In 1886 the Statue of Liberty open to be the symbol of freedom to the entire world.

If you ever plan to visit New York, you need to visit the City official guide website


The official New York State website


New York visitor guide.


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