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My heart Surgery

Quadruple bypass. Bypass Heart Surgery

Today, I set in on my computer to write for my blog. Most of my blogs usually about my trips, my photo or the history of the old watches.

Today, after 40 days of my heart operation I drove the car for the first time to the dealership for regular maintenance and came back home to cook dinner just like the old days, I decided to write about my experience with the heart surgery so I can give good news to some people who did the same operation or other people who are waiting to do it.

First, about myself, I am a 61 years old male, very active. I walk everyday at least 10 K or more. I use to go to the gym but for my very busy life style I choose to walk a very long distance daily instead. I am a good chef and my family enjoys my food. I cook and eat only healthy food.

One day, in my way to work and after only a few blocks (3 or 4 at most), I find myself in need to stop and collect my breath which was unusual for me. I did not give it much attention and continue with my life for at least 4 or 5 more days but the symptom continue to bother me.

On Sunday, in my way back from work, I make the decision to go to the emergency room in my beloved hospital (Beth Israel) in New York. The process took long time considering I was complaining about shorting of breath but after initial test I moved to one of the bed in the Emergency area.

I walked in to the hospital at around 6 PM and set on my bed until 3 AM.  After just setting on my bed for this long time, I decided to go home because I could not take the wait anymore. When I informed my nurse with my intention, finally the doctor came to see me. She explained the situation for me.  They need to take 2 sample of blood with 7 hours apart and they have already a bed waiting for me if I like to move up to my bed I can because the blood result make them concern.

At around 7 AM (12 hours later), I moved to one of the rooms in the cardiac section of the hospital to be monitored. The Cardiologist visited me and informed me there is nothing wrong with me but they will run several test and I may leave at the end of the day of tomorrow.

I explained to the doctor my symptom and there is no way a very active person like me can’t walk for a few blocks without stopping to collect his breath for at least 5 days and still continue. She informed me that she will convince the committee in their regular meeting to run stent (where they insert a small camera through the vain).

At the end of my second day I was ready to the stent procedure, after a few minutes of the procedure, she stopped and informed me that she can’t do anything because I need an open heart surgery immediately. How immediately, in a few days or weeks?? No, there are 2 people scheduled for tomorrow and I can’t wait to be the 3rd, we have to operate on you the first one at the early morning.

Of course I couldn’t sleep in the night; it was all preparation for the morning operation. I was inside the operation room little after 7 AM. Later on I learn the operation usually takes from 4 – 5 hours but I was more than 10 hours inside the operation room, I never know why or what king of complication or challenges was there.

I met the doctor who operates on me everyday during my recovery time, he and his staff use to visit us every morning, they were very nice but my recovery time was a nightmare. I was looking forward to run out at any coast. Let me tell you to be far, I dealt with around 25 to 30 of the workers there between nurses and others, I remember maybe only 3 people was nice and working from their heart but everyone there give you feeling they forced to be there and none of them is happy to be in this place.

I remember Beth Israel hospital that I visited in the past several times where my kids born but now the name change and so everything else.

The great news is today I am celebrating the 40 days for my quadruple bypass heart surgery. I am already back to work at least 3 weeks ago (I am working 3 to 4 days a week), as an IT manager, no hard labor require in my job. Today, I drove for first time since the operation and I am back to kitchen to cook. I am walking 3 – 4 miles daily as the doctor instructed me to do so. It was hard after my return home but now it is much better as long as I do it on my own base.

Before I end, I like to mention that after 2 weeks I felt pain in my chest. I asked my wife and son to take me to St. Frances hospital in Long Island because I do not like to return to where I was. They find blood clots on one of my lung. I stay in St. Frances for 3 days. I think every hospital must send all their employee and nurses to St. Frances to learn how to deal with patients and what the worker in the hospital industry supposes to be. It is the ideal place for anyone who likes to feel healthy and human.

More about bypass surgery:

The surgery called Coronary artery bypass surgery and also call coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). There is actually several name variation for this surgery. The most famous is the number of arteries bypass (single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass, quadruple bypass). They usually removes a blood vessel, called a graft, from another part of the body, like the chest, leg, or arm. then attaches one end of it to the aorta, a large artery that comes out of the heart. Then, they attaches the other end to an artery below the blockage which creates a new rout for the blood.

At the end of my recovery time they offer of me home assistant. Which call the visiting nurse. I loved the idea because my wife and I have to idea and we need someone who come and gives us ideas about how to do things so we can learn.

In a few days we received the first visit. The visiting nurse arrived. She stay on her laptop for around 20 – 30 minutes, during this time she handed me the laptop to sign on things which I did. She check my pressure, my temperature, and measure the cut of my operation which take around 45 minutes then she left. I felt this is not what I expected from “Visiting Nurse” because I am already measuring these things, I felt we will learn something new. Anyway, I signed for 3 visits to start but with this experience, I canceled the service after the first visit.

There are somethings I like to share that helped me recovered the correct way:

  • My wife kept very close eye on me to prevent me from removing or carrying any things at all specially the first few days
  • My best friend visited me daily and took me for a walk, it was very difficult in the beginning but I improved every day.
  • I learn the names and the times of my new medication which are several of them because this will be a life style not a temporary doses.
  • The Surgical incision bleads the first few days but we kept it clean which help make it heal quick
  • I do not like to sleep on my back but I kept doing it until I was able to move around.
  • I return to work fast even for part time to be between my coworker so would stay under stress at home. I have a desk job anyway.


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  1. Great article about your experience. You are a very blessed individual to be able to tell this story. Hope to read more in the future!

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