Inside Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Turkey

Inside Topkapi Palace

Inside Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Turkey


Topkapi Palace was the primary resident for many of the Ottoman sultans for more than 400 years (1465–1856). Ottoman Empire was the longest lasting and the largest. It lasted for 622 years and Topkapi Palace held all for 400 years.

From the palace you can see the best view for the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. From there I was able to get some nice photo that I am sharing with you today.


Topkapi palace is known as the largest and the oldest survival palace in the world built by Sultan Mohamed II in 1453. One of the places you must visit in Istanbul, you will need at least one full day to see everything, some area will require waiting in line. The importance of visiting Topkapi Palace comes from the following reasons:


  • The palace is one of the main attractions in Istanbul.
  • Currently, The Palace held the richest collection of its kind in the entire world.
  • The mosaic on the wall.
  • The furniture.
  • The display of different weapon used during different era.
  • The solders uniform during different era,
  • The different protection the solders wear during the war.
  • The Authentic Turkish state of the art jewelry from different centuries
  • The coffee, the tea set and spoons that made from gold and precious stones
  • The gifts and the medals that given to each sultan from the foreign government.
  • The famous outstanding clock collection display
  • Some of the most important sacred Islamic items that collected from different Arabic countries (specially Egypt) in the 16th
  • The sultan hall that display every one of the Ottoman sultans and brief information about each one.


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