Dahab village, Cairo Egypt

Dahab village

Dahab village, Cairo Egypt
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Dahab village, Cairo – Egypt – a tiny island inside a monster city

On the second day of my arrival home, my nephew and his friend (Both of them belong to Suez photo club invited me to one day photo trip which I accepted immediately. The trip planned to visit several areas in Cairo.

The first stop was visiting the smallest island inside Cairo for Village called Dahab (mean Gold).

From the first look you can find that the name is the furthest thing from the true.

There is one a small Ferry you need to ride in order to get to the island. There is no transportation there because you do not need any. You only need 10 minutes to walk the entire island. The transportation there is the bicycle and the donkey only. The people there are not the most hospitable among the Egyptian hospitality but they are not unfriendly either. They just mind their own business, which is actually none. Some of them allow you to take their picture but I tried only once because I felt they just do not like to say NO to their visitors, so I am sure I can live without such photos after I took only one (which I am sure you will understand what I am trying to say after you seen my photos for this trip).

The city consists of one main Avenue and several small streets (tiny is the correct word). There are too many kids and all of them were very engaging, they loved to get their picture taken (it is done under the families watch and you do not need permission). Make sure you have a lot of candy, which my friend was ready with. Just like any other city, there is all kind of kids, emotionless, happy, and vey exited ones. I tried to get sample of each.

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