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Why you do not need to drive Honda any more

Why you do not need to drive Honda any more   My last 2 cars were a Toyota Highlander for the last 6 years; through this years, I do not have any problem of course except the wear and tear. I was a very satisfied Toyota customer because it was great experience. After my kids grow up and moved out, […]

Mr. Liberty

Nikon D750

My first outing with my Nikon D750, it was pleasant experience Last week I received my Nikon D750 with the 24 – 120 VR lens. This is my first full frame camera, so I was very happy when I received it even I ordered it a few days before my vacation but I missed it due to the late delivery, […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Camera in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge For years, I carry 2 IPhone, one for personal use and the other for business. One day, we were out celebrating one of our coworker who was leaving our company in New York to another one in Florida. My Friend took several photo using their Samsung Galaxy phone and I took some using […]

Egyptian Tanoura Dance

Egyptian Tanoura dance

Al-Tanoura – El-Tanoura – Tanoura – Tannoura (The Sufi Dance) or the Whirling dance – التنورة During one of my visit to Egypt a group of photographer (Suez Photographer club) invited me to a wonderful day in the old part of Cairo. The day ended by one of the most breathtaking experience when we went to the Tanoura dance show in Wikala […]

the Bear Mountain at Perkins Memorial

Perkins Memorial

Perkins Memorial at Bear Mountain, New York At the end of the summer I took my son to visited Bear Mountain State Park which is located on the west side of the Hudson River in Rockland County, New York The main reason we visited the Bear Mountain was to watch the foliage and enjoy the view. For our big surprise […]

Inside Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Turkey

Inside Topkapi Palace

Inside Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Turkey   Topkapi Palace was the primary resident for many of the Ottoman sultans for more than 400 years (1465–1856). Ottoman Empire was the longest lasting and the largest. It lasted for 622 years and Topkapi Palace held all for 400 years. From the palace you can see the best view for the Bosphorus and the […]

Dahab village, Cairo Egypt

Dahab village

Dahab village, Cairo – Egypt – a tiny island inside a monster city On the second day of my arrival home, my nephew and his friend (Both of them belong to Suez photo club invited me to one day photo trip which I accepted immediately. The trip planned to visit several areas in Cairo. The first stop was visiting the […]

Coronary artery bypass surgery

My heart Surgery

Quadruple bypass. Bypass Heart Surgery Today, I set in on my computer to write for my blog. Most of my blogs usually about my trips, my photo or the history of the old watches. Today, after 40 days of my heart operation I drove the car for the first time to the dealership for regular maintenance and came back home to cook […]

The Mosques In Istanbul – Turkey

The Mosques In Istanbul

We spent the last week in May 2015 in Istanbul. After my visit, the one thing stayed in my mind was the Mosques. If you know there are over 14000 different Mosques in Istanbul, you will understand why they will attract your attention and stay in your mind after you leave the city. It is over 14000 unique ones, they […]