Alf Lila Wa Lila Hotel

Alf Lila Wa Lila Hotel

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Wow, wonderful and great experience

My friend and his son invited me to spent 3 days Hergada – Egypt. We stayed in a resort called Alf Lila Wa Lila hotel.
It was such great experience from the time we walked in until we checked out.
The staff was extremely helpful, friendly, and hospitable from the time we walked in through the gate. We greeted by the Front Office manager (Mr. Hany) as we seen him greeting every guest in the wonderful design lobby.
You will not be greatly surprise of this great hospitality when you see the attentiveness and the customer service of Mr. Wafai the resort General Manager who was all over the place greeting everyone in the lobby.
My favorites place when I like to stay in resort is La Romana in Santo Domingo. I was happy to visit this place because now, I find another place close from my second home that I can visit and enjoy the following at Alf Lila Wa Lila Hotel:

  • Great hospitality
  • Friendly staff
  • Outstanding food in several restaurant around the place
  • Even though the place little fare from the red sea but the multi swimming pool and the shuttle to the sister hotel is available all the time.
  • Outstanding entertainments every night that bring hundreds of visitors from outside
  • Only few step from the largest mall in the city which help us to pick up our gift very easy plus what we were able to buy from the resort multiple gift shop

In our way out, we have the pleasure to speak for while with Mr. Wafai again and enjoy his story about the place and his experience in this great place.
I took some photo for this place, I wish this will give you an idea why I loved this place.

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